Together for healthy oceans

We are at a turning point where we need to change our behavior to safeguard our planet for future generations. It’s time2tack, or in other words, change course!

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Protecting our oceans

Clean oceans are key to a healthy future for people and the planet. We focus on overfishing, marine pollution and ocean acidification. Our mission is to deliver support in bringing sustainable initiatives together. We do this by joining forces in our society, enabling sustainable transformations to become faster and better!

A future for our children

Sustainable consumption and production is about doing more and better with less. We focus on reducing waste and sustainable fishing. Current themes are recycling of paper, plastic, glass, steel and aluminum and promoting the consumption of sustainably caught fish. Climate change affects everyone, everywhere.

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Sustainable sailing

We invest in sustainable sailing. Sailing as a sport contributes to valuable life skills. We create opportunities for youngsters to step on board and learn from the masters. A mixture of experience and rookiness will benefit both.

Be part of the journey

Pre-Race, we organize On Board Diners, Expert Talks, Performance Training, Meetings, Team Building, Sailing trips. During the Race Around there will be VIP events, access to the pontoons and boats and meet & greet with the skipper and crew.

Mineola explains why​

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Your support makes a change

Protecting our oceans

Recycling plastic

Young Talent Program

Your business in action

Partnering with us offers excellent return on investment. Jumping on board offers lots of opportunities to connect with your clients, target audiences or employees. Looking forward to meet you in Scheveningen, IJmuiden, Enkhuizen, La Rochelle, Cape Town, Auckland and Rio de Janeiro.


Our education program

To improve big data climate impact models,  to get a better understanding of animal migration routes and changes in their habitat, we work together with Universities in Utrecht, Bristol, Cape town and Auckland. Ecological awareness must be understood and extended to the largest number of people. That is why we’re building educational programs for all generations: school children, students and employees.

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